ALETHEIA, (ἀλήθεια) is an ancient Greek word for truth. When we discover truth a world is disclosed, or opened up. This 'opening up' is the heart of what happens in life coaching. Tricia de Beer, BA, M.DIV, D.MIN, is the performance/personal life coach behind Aletheia Life Coaching. She works with individuals and groups in creating holistic lives which reflect their deepest truth. 

    Meet Tricia

    Meet Tricia

Services Offered

Services Offered

     Stories of  Transformation

     Stories of  Transformation



Meet Tricia

Tricia de Beer, BA, M.DIV, D.MIN, is the performance/life coach behind Aletheia. Her mission is to create transformed leaders who transform communities. 

The hidden meaning we give to our experience is what keeps us stuck. We have a foot on the gas toward a goal, and another on the brake at the same time — no wonder we feel fragmented, frustrated and exhausted!
— Tricia de Beer

Tricia works with individuals and groups in creating holistic lives which reflects one’s deepest truth. As a lifelong educational consultant and Episcopal priest, Tricia brings a wide range of resources from human sciences and ancient spiritual traditions. She is a certified Life Coach in the Immunity to Change approach, having studied with Drs. Lisa Lahey and Bob Keegan who developed their approach at the Harvard School of Education

Tricia also brings the insights of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication Theory and the Shalem Institute approach to spiritual direction and has been an educator of mentors and small group leaders for more than 30 years. Centering Prayer /Mindfulness meditation is a part of what resources her life and work.

She has served congregations large and small, has coached people from 25-85 years of age, and worked with leadership development initiatives in non-profit organizations  throughout the United States and in South Africa and Kenya.   

Tricia listens deeply but not passively, she asks questions that often lead me into deeper insights, always with grace and respect. She creatively plans and facilitates our time together, keeping us on track, she makes room for what is important with wisdom and appreciation. She is grounded, clear, generous in spirit and open to our input and creativity. I am grateful to be a recipient of her skill and leadership as a life coach.
— The Reverend Jep Steit, Dean, Cathedral of St Paul, Boston
I wholeheartedly recommend Tricia de Beer as an extraordinary life coach and guide. Through my work with Tricia, I was able to untangle some long-held assumptions which were impeding my ability to make progress.
— Kimberly Daly, Owner, KDaly Consulting
It has been eight months since our journey ended but the changes that this experience brought about have remained.
— Deb Smyth, Ph.D.

Services Offered

Individual Life Coaching or Executive Coaching

4-6 Month journey of exploration and change


Seeing the Bigger Picture (for individuals, groups and teams)

An intensive  5 hour diagnostic exercise  which can be adapted to specific needs,  in which participants uncover  their heart’s longing and how their minds have formed an immunity to change.  Can be part of life coaching for teams or individuals.


Mindful Communication Training for Teams

Training  designed to achieve client  needs.  Couples, teams, and individuals benefit from this life coaching. 


Speaking/Educational Engagements

Tricia has given workshops  on the following: Communicating with Peace and Purpose,  Authoring our Lives, Teams Which Work,  Spirituality of Marriage, Spiritual Nurture for Parents, Mindful Parenting, Why Community?, Forgiveness as a Process.


Free Consultation

Meet with Tricia for a one hour complimentary consultation to get to know yourself better and to understand what it is like to work with Tricia as a life coach. (by phone or online.)

Tricia is a skillful listener and life coach and has the right balance of deep listening, inquiry and direction that has helped me to grow our organization to an impactful network of spiritual activists.
— Reverend Arrington Chambliss, Executive Director, Life Together Community, Boston

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Stories of Transformation


For years, Jack’s strength was his capacity to pull teams together. He called out people’s gifts and  lifted up their accomplishments, but what he couldn’t do was represent his own accomplishments to his board.   His skillful empowerment of others  often went under the radar. He knew he needed  to get better at advocating for himself.   Several times he made up his mind,  but just could not make himself do it.   Hidden within him was a fear that he would come off as a jerk, or a selfish opportunist.  Seeing this clearly for the first time and connecting it to an early experience with his brother, released something in him.  We created new strategies to gracefully, and directly share the power of what he was doing.  He no longer needs to be self effacing and can proudly claim his accomplishments.  His board  took notice.


Anna desperately wanted a sense of space in her life -- to balance work, family, and taking care of herself. She was stuck. She could not take her vacation. Her day off often dissolved. She could not detach from the needs of her parishioners. Her needs always came last.  If she were to start taking care of herself  and prioritize family more,  she needed to say “no” to some requests.  She was held captive by a big assumption—“if she was no longer seen as the ‘go-to’ person, she would lose all credibility.”   When she saw that clearly, she laughed.  When she saw what it had cost her, she cried.  Because of the life coaching process, she can say “no”” so she can  say “yes”. She rediscovered  the joy of her vocation. She created a Hawaiian sabbatical with her family.  She is doing the yoga she needs.  She is showing up for her daughter and spouse.


  • Sharpen clarity about your heart’s longing

  • Learn to see exactly how your mind is working to “protect” you and how that protection is the source of not being able to create the life you want

  • Imagine in detail an authentic, passionate future in which you are fully living into your dream.

  • Learn how to begin new behaviors which will create a new way of thinking.  

  • Acquire the skills to get at the feelings and beliefs which hold you captive. You can become your own coach going forward.


I wholeheartedly recommend Tricia de Beer as an extraordinary Life Coach and guide. Through my work with Tricia and the Immunity to Change process, I was able to untangle some long-held assumptions (many of which I didn’t even realize were at play) that were impeding my ability to make progress on goals that were very important to me. I never felt as though I was being forced into a rigid, “one size fits all” process. Through Tricia’s insight, creativity, patience and encouragement, she wove the process expertly into our work together.

— Kimberly Daly, Owner, KDaly Consulting
I’ve worked closely with Tricia for three years in two different settings. She was the interim priest for two years at the Crossing, the emerging church community at the Cathedral. Tricia replaced the beloved founding priest, whose loss was deeply felt. Tricia was both exceptionally patient and gently provocative, helping the community see their own strengths and also how their structure could be improved to better serve their needs. As convener for a peer supervisory group Tricia provides a perfect blend of structure and flexibility. I always feel as though our conversation will be focused and helpful, but not so constrained as to limit important questions or concerns. Tricia’s gifts are clear.
— The Reverend Jep Streit, Dean, Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston
I have had the delight of working with Tricia for five years. She has worked as a life coach for me as the Executive Director of a small faith-based organization and of the facilitative leaders who are working with five of our intentional communities. Tricia is inspired and deeply committed in her quest for her own and other’s transformation. She is a skillful listener and coach and has the right balance of deep listening, inquiry and direction that has helped me to grow our organization to an impactful network of spiritual activists. She also has helped me to see limiting patterns that have opened me to more effective and joyful ways of leading. She is a skillful Executive Coach, Facilitator, and Trainer.
— The Reverend Arrington Chambliss, Executive Director, Life Together Community, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
I was privileged to have the Rev. Tricia de Beer as my life coach on the Immunity to change journey. It’s been eight months since our journey ended but the changes that this experience brought about have remained. This process was not an easy one, as I had some pretty painful assumptions about myself and the world around me. I would not have been able to do this work without the sense of safety that Tricia’s groundedness, wisdom, skill and compassion brought to the process. At the same time, I was always helped to see what I had accomplished and held accountable for what I continued to avoid. In some areas of my life I feel as if I have cleared some real hurdles and am free to move on. In other areas I continue to be challenged by some “Big Assumptions.” Fortunately, I now have the tools to overturn my immunity to change. Rev. de Beer has given me a priceless gift, the gift of personal empowerment and for that I remain eternally grateful. I have no doubt that anyone who is committed to make change in their life will benefit greatly from working with Tricia.
— Deb Smyth, Ph.D.
I have had the pleasure of working with Tricia de Beer for the past six years in a variety of contexts. Tricia has served as a performance coach, a group facilitator and a board member for an organization of which I was the Executive Director and Co-Founder, Tatua Kenya. In each of these settings Tricia has offered a level of insight that provided me and/or the group with clarity and direction.

My most recent work with Tricia was when she served as a board member for Tatua Kenya. As a nascent organization Tatua Kenya needed leadership that lent a critical yet encouraging eye. Tricia offered just that. She had the courage to speak up about her observations about challenges the organization was facing, even when that created some tension on the board. Tricia’s guidance enabled the organization to tighten our focus and maintain productivity in the face of challenge. I’m grateful for her leadership.
— Natalie Finstad, Founder and Executive Director, Tatua Kenya