Services Offered

Individual Life Coaching or Executive Coaching

4-6 Month journey of exploration and change


Seeing the Bigger Picture (for individuals, groups and teams)

An intensive  5 hour diagnostic exercise  which can be adapted to specific needs,  in which participants uncover  their heart’s longing and how their minds have formed an immunity to change.  Can be part of life coaching for teams or individuals.


Mindful Communication Training for Teams

Training  designed to achieve client  needs.  Couples, teams, and individuals benefit from this life coaching. 


Speaking/Educational Engagements

Tricia has given workshops  on the following: Communicating with Peace and Purpose,  Authoring our Lives, Teams Which Work,  Spirituality of Marriage, Spiritual Nurture for Parents, Mindful Parenting, Why Community?, Forgiveness as a Process.


Free Consultation

Meet with Tricia for a one hour complimentary consultation to get to know yourself better and to understand what it is like to work with Tricia as a life coach. (by phone or online.)

Tricia is a skillful listener and life coach and has the right balance of deep listening, inquiry and direction that has helped me to grow our organization to an impactful network of spiritual activists.
— Reverend Arrington Chambliss, Executive Director, Life Together Community, Boston

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