Stories of Transformation


For years, Jack’s strength was his capacity to pull teams together. He called out people’s gifts and  lifted up their accomplishments, but what he couldn’t do was represent his own accomplishments to his board.   His skillful empowerment of others  often went under the radar. He knew he needed  to get better at advocating for himself.   Several times he made up his mind,  but just could not make himself do it.   Hidden within him was a fear that he would come off as a jerk, or a selfish opportunist.  Seeing this clearly for the first time and connecting it to an early experience with his brother, released something in him.  We created new strategies to gracefully, and directly share the power of what he was doing.  He no longer needs to be self effacing and can proudly claim his accomplishments.  His board  took notice.


Anna desperately wanted a sense of space in her life -- to balance work, family, and taking care of herself. She was stuck. She could not take her vacation. Her day off often dissolved. She could not detach from the needs of her parishioners. Her needs always came last.  If she were to start taking care of herself  and prioritize family more,  she needed to say “no” to some requests.  She was held captive by a big assumption—“if she was no longer seen as the ‘go-to’ person, she would lose all credibility.”   When she saw that clearly, she laughed.  When she saw what it had cost her, she cried.  Because of the life coaching process, she can say “no”” so she can  say “yes”. She rediscovered  the joy of her vocation. She created a Hawaiian sabbatical with her family.  She is doing the yoga she needs.  She is showing up for her daughter and spouse.


  • Sharpen clarity about your heart’s longing

  • Learn to see exactly how your mind is working to “protect” you and how that protection is the source of not being able to create the life you want

  • Imagine in detail an authentic, passionate future in which you are fully living into your dream.

  • Learn how to begin new behaviors which will create a new way of thinking.  

  • Acquire the skills to get at the feelings and beliefs which hold you captive. You can become your own coach going forward.